Friday, February 24, 2012

Saudi Study: Nearly a Quarter of Children Raped; Up to 46% of Students Suffer from Homosexuality

Video translated from clip posted on YouTube in December 2008. Clip originally aired on the Arabic-language satellite station 'al-Hurra', on the program 'Misawa'. Subtitled video is above, full transcript below (thanks to Nonie Darwish for finding the video):
Guest - More than 23% of children in Saudi society have been raped. 
Host – So about a quarter of Saudi children have been-- 
Guest - About a quarter of Saudi children have been raped. Sixty-two percent of those people— 
Host – Those children. 
Guest - No, I’m sorry, the study was directed at university students. Twenty-three percent had been raped during their childhood. For 62% of those, the rape was never reported. This was because it was one of the victim’s relatives. In the study, it was mentioned that more than 16% of the rapists were relatives, specifically 5% were siblings, 2% were teachers, and 1% were parents. In another study, which was conducted by Dr. In’am (al-Rabu’i), who is the president of children’s studies at the Armed Forces Hospital in Jeddah, she mentioned, or warned, that in the coming years we will suffer as a society from extremely widespread cases of homosexuality. The reason for this is the increase in the cases of sexual assault of children (brought) to the hospital, as well as the societal violence inflicted on children. She also mentioned that the hospital had on average three sexual assault cases per week. 
Host – How large of an area did the study cover? 
Guest - I don’t know, this is just what she mentioned on behalf of the Saudi nation. It was published on behalf of the nation, and can be considered very reliable. In addition to that, there is a study from the Office of Societal Supervision, which is also very serious. This study reported that 46% of students in the city of Riyadh suffer from homosexuality. Twenty-five percent of students in Jeddah suffer from homosexuality. We must be aware of this in order to combat these numbers quickly. The society has become fragmented. When we have a percentage of students—children or teenagers—who are gay, this is a catastrophe, a true catastrophe. I mean, we don’t have a strong society. We should really look at this more seriously. 
Host – This is a new thing in Saudi Arabia for newspapers to write articles on this subject. The studies which you mentioned, are they saying this is something new? 
Guest - No, it’s not new.


  1. Would you like to post this on 1389 Blog?

  2. "Suffer" from homosexuality?
    And that a percentage of the population is gay, this is a "catastrophy"?

    Lol, evidently this is the result of a gender separated society. But notice how unpleasant facts are brought out in the open by taking care to condemn the effects of same unpleasant facts.

    1. Of course they are gonna call homosexuals 'sick' people. Saudis are not \enlightened/ people. They have no real knowledge of human behavior and sexual orientation. Their society is FULL of taboos and they HIDE issues and lie right on your face. I met an Arab guy from jeddah that P
      'PROMISSED' me there was no such thing as 'Mutaween-religious police of moral' there. They are NOT EMBARRASED amongst them about these Islamic laws there. BUT they are TERRIFIED when confronted by a non-muslim who know better. Their society is a cage, people there have not developed their brains fully....they sense of self-criticism is ZERO, and worse even is they think ISLAM has NOTHING to do with it. This story reminds me of an article I read in an USA high schoolm where one student for Saudi Arabia said in the classroom that she was really HAPPY to be born under Islamic law, because her father could have 4 wives and that was great, because it meant he would not cheat on his wife(s). ANd also that it was AMAZING how the womwn are so 'protected' and are not exposed and used as they are in the west.

  3. Children who are raped, abused or even neglected do have a tendency to lean toward homosexuality. Without proper guidance, they will follow anything contrary to God's design, including heterosexual fortification.

  4. Gender segregation is only one factor. The most important reason is that children, especially boys, do not get to see their mother's or any other women's skin, such as legs, arms, necks and often faces. All they see from women are black shrouds.

    It is therefore natural to gravitate towards the males who are not covered in such an extreme way as women are.