Friday, July 1, 2011

Kuwaiti Female Activist Calls for Law Authorizing the Purchase of "Sweet Husbands"

Kuwaiti female activist and former candidate for Kuwait's Ummah Council Salwa al-Mutairi, who recently called for a revival of the Islamic system of sex slavery, has now called for Kuwaiti women to be able to purchase "sweet husbands" who would be beautiful and obey the commands of their wives. She offered this as the solution to Kuwait's old maid problem. She even proposed setting up governmental offices to advertise and recruit men, especially white-skinned men. Kuwaiti women would then be able to choose the men they wanted out of a photo album.

Translated from Youm 7 via Maktoob, 25 June 2011:
Kuwaiti Female Activist Calls for Solving the Old Maid Problem by Purchasing "Sweet" Husbands 
Kuwaiti female activist Salwa al-Mutairi, former candidate in the Ummah Council elections, called for the issuing of a new law to extend to Kuwaiti women the opportunity to purchase "sweet husbands" from Islamic countries who met a detailed specification. Al-Mutairi said to the Kuwaiti journal al-Siyasa, "We will never do away with the old maid problem in Kuwait unless we apply this proposal. We will not be able to confront the phenomenon of rising divorce rates unless we carry out this idea." She added: "Kuwaiti women are proud and have strong personalities. They prefer to be the ones in charge. This creates a clash with their Kuwaiti husbands, which causes divorce. Therefore there is no exit to this societal impasse except to purchase sweet husbands who meet a detailed specification." 
Responding to a question about the meaning of the detailed specification, Salwa said: "He is courteous, tactful, humble, and of course beautiful. He performs the demands of his wife, obeys her commands and pampers her. Thus she spends the sweetest days of her life with him, far away from clashes, fights, and disputes." 
She continued: "The husbands would be brought through the auspices of offices set up in Islamic countries and in Russia. The requests of Kuwaiti women would be published, on condition that the husband is Muslim, or that he converts to Islam before they get married. Then the Kuwaiti woman who wants to get married will choose her life partner from a photo album and will get to know his detailed description in order to bring him to Kuwait to marry him. He will live with her in her house after he pays her a symbolic dowry, even if it were an iron ring, as the righteous companions of the Prophet did." 
She said: "My goal with this proposal is to improve the offspring in Kuwait through the recruitment of white-skinned husbands. Just as I think about softening the climate through balloons, manufactured clouds and a farm with a million trees, I also think about improving the next generation of offspring." 
She added: "As long as the Kuwaiti woman is able to purchase a beautiful, courteous, and dear husband, why should she not purchase a husband, and do away with the specter of old-maidedness." She pointed out that she is prepared to perform this task if she obtains the legal authorization, and that she will visit European and Asian nations which possess large Islamic communities, to recruit husbands which meet specifications that would please Kuwaiti women. 
It is worth nothing that the Kuwaiti female activist had previously called for the opening of offices for sex slaves in Kuwait, as well as the fact that her current call to purchase husbands comes with the understanding that they would become slaves.


  1. Can I buy some life insurance on this idiot? Does she realize that under the tenets of her stone-age "religion," property cannot OWN property? She needs to pull that bag over her face and make a run for it.

  2. A face made for a burka!

    Which Muslim barrow told her to speak or to hold an opinion?

  3. She is not necessarily an idiot. She mat be very intelligent. However the religious-based culture from which she comes values ignorance as a way of life.

  4. Thanks for bringing this to us, Al Mutarjim. In this case she is not referring to the men as slaves, but as husbands, who must convert to Islam if they are not already Muslims, and must give at least a symbolic dowry, thus being in accordance with sharia. I don't know about the "purchasing" aspect.

    One typo in the article [correction in brackets]: "It is worth nothing [noting] that the Kuwaiti female activist..."

  5. Clearly this woman is only capable of seeing relationships in terms of dominance and submission. A perfectly pornograohic mindset, fostered by her religion.