Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Video: Kuwaiti Activist: "I Hope that Kuwait Will Enact a Law for...Sex Slaves"

The above video (transcript below) was translated from a video posted on YouTube on 25 May by a female Kuwaiti activist and former candidate for Kuwaiti parliament, Salwa al-Mutairi, in which she called for a revival of the Islamic law for sex-slaves. Later she was interviewed about this by the Kuwaiti paper al-Siyasa; the translation of a story on that interview from al-Arabiya is also included below the transcript from the video. For more on this story, you can also see the excellent articles posted by Raymond Ibrahim and Nonie Darwish a couple of weeks ago (special thanks to Nonie as well for sending this in and helping out with the translation).

Transcript of video:
Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you. My name is Salwa al-Mutairi. I received a message that was a little strange. A merchant told me that he would like to have a sex slave. He said he would not be negligent with her, and that Islam permitted this sort of thing. He was speaking the truth. The topic that he brought up is an old topic. I have been working on it for two years now. 
I was working with this man, a young man, who (liked) women a lot. I was sympathetic to his situation, and also dedicated to my work. I was given the opportunity to visit Mecca, and when I did so, I brought up (this man's) situation to the muftis in Mecca. I told them that I had a question, since they were men who specialized in what was halal, and what was good, and who loved women. I said, "What is the law of sex slaves?" 
The mufti said, "With the law of sex slaves, there must be a Muslim nation at war with a Christian nation, or a nation which is not of the religion, not of the religion of Islam. And there must be prisoners of war." 
"Is this forbidden by Islam?," I asked. 
"Absolutely not. Sex slaves are not forbidden by Islam. On the contrary, sex slaves are under a different law than the free woman. The free woman must be completely covered except for her face and hands. But the sex slave can be naked from the waist up. She differs a lot from the free woman. While the free woman requires a marriage contract, the sex slave does not--she only needs to be purchased by her husband, and that's it. Therefore the sex slave is different than the free woman." 
Of course, I also asked religious experts in Kuwait (about this issue), and they told me about the problem with the passionate man, or even the man who is committed to his religion. For every good man in our religion, the only solution for him--when forbidden women come around, if he's tempted to sin, then the solution to this issue is for him to purchase sex slaves. I hope that Kuwait will enact the law for this category, this category of people--the sex slaves. 
I have also seen a situation in Kuwait, where a woman was abandoned by her family and so forth. She was given a home in Kuwait, where she cooked, and took care of the house, and helped out, and so forth. She was very much in a situation where she was like a slave. It is better to follow the shari'a like this than to go about doing that which is forbidden. Thankfully this house took her in, because her family abandoned her, and failed to shelter her. 
I hope that a law will be enacted for this category, and they will open the door for this, just as they have opened the door for servants (to come into the country). They should open the door for sex slaves, by enacting a sound law, so that our children don't waste away in the abyss of adultery and moral depravity. Allah-willing, this will work out. I believe, look, the (sex slaves could come from) a country like Chechnya, where there is a war between an (Islamic) state and another state. Certainly there are prisoners. These prisoners could be purchased. They could be purchased and sold to the merchants in Kuwait. This is better than (the merchants) committing that which is forbidden. There is nothing wrong with this. 
Harun al-Rashid had many more sex slaves than this. When he died he had 2,000 sex slaves. But he only had one wife. This was not forbidden. Our shari'a permits such a thing as this. Praise be to Allah, here in Kuwait there are many merchants who are committed (to Islam). I hope the best for Kuwait, Allah-willing.
Article translated from al-Arabiya, 4 June 2011:
A female activist and former candidate for the Kuwaiti People's Assembly, Salwa al-Mutairi, called for "the enactment of a law for sex-slaves, to protect men from corruption, and to prevent children from falling into the abyss of adultery." 
Al-Mutairi said to the Kuwaiti journal "al-Siyasa, on Saturday, 4 June 2011, that "Many Kuwaitis resort to becoming (too) close with women, and forgetting their religion, and taking mistresses for themselves without marrying them. This leads to sin, the spread of disease, and children being born out of wedlock. This issue needs to be dealt with in a way that does not contradict the religion (of Islam), and in which men's desires are provided for. This is something which cannot be accomplished except by resurrecting the system of sex slaves, and putting legal controls on its use." 
She added that, "The female sex-slaves existed for the policy, because the religion (of Islam) permitted their possession, on condition that they were prisoners from raids carried out by Islamic countries against non-Muslim countries." She suggested that the sex slaves be taken from Russian prisoners held in Chechnya, or from Russia or other countries. 
According to the former candidate, the law should be put in place quickly to establish an organization to bring the sex slaves and take ownership of them, in order to preserve the rights of both parties. Wherefore, she suggests that, "The one who desires to own the sex slave, should pay a price of 2,500 dinars. He should pay to the offices which bring the sex slaves, which will quickly establish offices which employ workers, 500 dinars. Two thousand dinars would be placed in an account for the sex slave, which she would not be able to access until 5 years after entering the care of her owner." 
Al-Mutairi also proposes that, "A monthly salary be set at 50 dinars, to be withdrawn monthly from the account of the sex slave's owner. Knowing that any citizen can own whatever sex slave he wants, this is done aiming to get rid of any motive for jealousy between (the sex slaves). It also would not be permitted to bring any sex slave under the age of 15, or over the age of 25. In the proposed law, these sex slaves would be termed "girlfriends of the house." They should be treated with justice, and their rights to salary, care, and to pursue education, if they desire, should be maintained." 
Al-Mutairi recorded her position on sex slaves in a video which was broadcast on the internet. To support the truth of her position, she cited the fact that Harun al-Rashid was married to one woman but had 2,000 sex slaves.


  1. I think it is essential to make a distinction between Islam, which is 1430 years and the intellectual backwardness of current Muslim scholars who followed the path of Ibn Tamiya, who is roughly 1000 years old. The latter scholar has forbidden any changes in Islamic philosophy and he is almost the second Messiah to the Sunni World representing 70% of Muslims worldwide. Slavery has been persistently discouraged in Islamic doctrine for 1430 years, and it is deemed unthinkable that any Muslim suggests, or believes it to be, an acceptable practise. Slavery was a social phenomenon rather than a religious one, and there is no mention in Islam that suggests it is condoned in any form. It should be noted, however, that slavery is mentioned, in the context that the freeing of a slave is considered a religious duty, thereby implying that slavery is not to be accepted, rather condemned.

    Slavery is obsolete in Islam if some Muslims are able to use their mental executive functions. However, this is unlikely to happen in the near future, with the Iron fist of Wahhabi Sector, the Gulf States, and Royal House of Saudi in Power controlling the whole of the Arab world.

    Everyone hopes that Arab Spring is not going to extend the Power of Wahhabi doctrine to the Arab world.

  2. Sudad it seems to me a problem that if Mohommad did it then to say it is unacceptable is to in fact criticise Mohommad (the perfect man) How is that going to be solved - Blessings - Rene

  3. "there is no mention in Islam that suggests it is condoned in any form"

    Sudad Jawad Al Timimi, what an utter load of rubbish you spew.

  4. "It should be noted, however, that slavery is mentioned, in the context that the freeing of a slave is considered a religious duty, thereby implying that slavery is not to be accepted, rather condemned." - Sudad Jawad Al Timimi

    Rubbish. In Islam the freeing of a slave is like an "indulgence" (see the Wikipedia article for a definition

    Freeing a slave is a PUNISHMENT for being a naughty little boy, i.e. something that should be avoided.

    So how the heck does that imply slavery is not to be accepted?

  5. Mr. al-Tamimi,

    First, the MP is Shiite. So unless Wahhabis are suddenly making kissy-face with Shiites, I'd suspect that she's not Wahhabi. As for her young male friend, the one with the seeming inability to commit the sin of onanism, he may well be Wahhabi.

    Secondly, MP al-Mutairi is giving an outline of the traditional ahkam on the treatment of captive women. Nothing remarkable or unusual about it. It's certainly not distinctively Wahhabi, nor was it invented by Ibn Taymiyah or Ibn Hanbal. You'll find the same in the other three Sunni schools, as also in the Ja'fari tradition.

    If you'd like to learn more, have a look at a text like Quduri's Mukhtasar. Raping rights for female captives will be discuss in all its vile detail. That's about as mainstream a fiqh manual as you'll find. It's usually the first text a Hanafi student studies. I know dozens of Hanafi students who had it memorized by 10 or 12. Even here in the US, it is probably the most popular guide to Islamic law. Even the mosque up the road has its students memorize it.

    In short, you've got no justification for saying that the venerable institution of female sex slaves is anything less than fully Islamic.

    I suspect you feel uncomfortable for two reasons:

    1. You've still got a sense of right and wrong, and you just sorta kinda feel that it's wrong to enslave and rape women. Even non-Muslim women, I'd hazard. Well, that's your innate conscience talking, and your lack of taqwa and 'ilm is showing.

    Don't despair. I'm sure just a couple years sitting at the stinky feet of a learned cleric will cure you of your lack of faith. You'll come to recognize the wisdom in Islam's allowing a Muslim man to rape captive women. And then you'll be read to join the more advanced students putting their learning into practice in the Caucasus, Egypt, the Balkans, and northern Iraq.

    2. Another reason you may be feeling a touch sick to your stomach is your utter lack of knowledge about your own religion. There's not a single religious scholar who doesn't know that this is traditional Islam. To say otherwise is to hijack Islam.

    My guess is that they hide this from bad Muslims like you -- and do so, quite deliberately. They need first to wage a campaign of genocidal aggression against your innate sense of right and wrong. Only then can they teach you all the really cool stuff you get to do when you're a Muslim man.

    I'm mean, would you teach a child how to chop off infidel heads? Not a chance in Islamic Hell. The kid would vomit. You gotta kill his sense of right and wrong first.


  6. I'm still pondering the wisdom of getting captives from the Caucasus. I fear the hollow-chested Kuwaiti men, being so slight of stature and having such dainty little fingers and such tiny little .... well, honestly, I fear they'll get broke.

    After all, Medea was a good, little Georgian girl.

    If the plan is to capture and sell as slaves the ladies of the Spetsnaz, that's another question altogether. I would suggest, though, that future owners sleep in a safe house. While the ladies may look like pretty little submissives, the perfect receptacles for Kuwaiti loving, don't let their wilting smiles fool you. The ladies are fond of big sharp knives -- and wet work is one of their special fields of study.

    And it shows... in the 1990s, they had a special love for dismembering the members of the dead jihadis, into very small pieces. I'll not say I find credible the further stories about the ladies cooking the better pieces and enjoying them in a culinary sort of way. For what it's worth, there are some snaps from the ole days in Chechnya floating around on line. But again, who knows if they're authentic.

    At any rate, I fear that new Kuwaiti slave owners looking also to become rapists would quickly find themselves serving as slave Eunuchs in Amazonian households.


    I must commend the good journalists at al-Arabiyah. They've turned into such wonderful pluralists. Warms my cockles, it does. They recognize that feminist activists come in all shapes and sizes, and degrees of sanity, and that they have widely divergent IQs, which seem to vary according to whether as their mommas were first or second cousins.

    It's a lesson on which our own grizzled and mustachioed feminists are still working. Some day --not today -- accomplished female politicians to the right of center will be permitted to call themselves feminists. It's especially hard on those who married spouses with external plumbing, and did not select their children from the catalogues of LGBT-friendly adoption agencies. Perhaps someday Sarah and Michelle will be taught the secret sisterhood handshake. It'll be a mark of progress, for sure. Maybe then even black men on the right will no longer be subject to Stalinist denunciations of being race traitors. Might happen....


    Mr. al-Tamimi, the lesson I'd like you to take away is this:

    Either put your head back in the sand -- really deep -- and shut your mouth, or stop calling non-Muslims liars.

    We didn't invent Islam. You all did.

    If you don't like what we're finding, don't blame us. Fix it.

    It's not our job to determine what flavor of Islam is the one-true-super-cool-Islam.

    For us, Islam is what Muslims do.

    When we try to figure out what Muslims ado, all we can do is observe and count. And we're democratic when it comes to counting, as we give a vote to the majority of dead Muslims.

    Got it?

    You only get two choices.
    Pretty much an either-or.

    switch(is_honorable) {

    case 'no' : {
    move(head, sand);
    change_state(mouth, shut);

    case 'yes' :